Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vouchers at the college level?

Colorado Christian just recently got its state scholarship funding back:

Here's the brief:

Students at Colorado Christian University will get state scholarships under a decision Friday by two Colorado agencies.

State Higher Education Director David Skaggs and Attorney General John Suthers said they will not contest a 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling reversing a state decision barring scholarships to students at the Lakewood campus.

The Colorado Commission on Higher Eduction [sic] had determined that CCU is “pervasively sectarian.”

In the July 23 decision, the appeals court held that the state erred in treating CCU differently from other schools that are owned by religious groups, but which were not deemed “pervasively sectarian.”

Two thoughts:

1. I love the phrase "pervasively sectarian" (the reason they previously did not get funds). That's code for "a Christian-based college that actually acts like it." I hope DLHS is pervasively sectarian.

2. Why not state scholarships for K-12 private schools? Colorado: vouchers for college kids and no one else!