Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Great Expectations"

Here is a link to a great article centered around a Christian school written by Carol DeMar (author of It takes a backbone to raise terrific kids!)

A couple of excerpts:

Parents Must Begin to Parent - Low expectations prevail even in the Christian community. There are exceptions, but too often Christians can be observed parenting badly. No longer are children responsible for their actions—their bad behavior is always someone else’s fault—teachers or other children. Children are pulling the strings, dictating what they want from Mom and Dad who “dance” on cue.

Preparing your children to fulfill their role as Christians in the world should be your goal. Fathers and mothers working together teaching and training their children to pursue excellence is commanded by our Lord. Do not be content to teach your children to accept second-rate status. We do them a tremendous disservice and dishonor the God we serve. May great expectations flourish once again among Christians throughout the land!

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