Sunday, June 7, 2009

Safe and drug-free schools

Although I am ever-so-careful to only criticize the institution of public education and not the people who work in it, I am often asked "can you not just talk about the value of Christian education without putting down public schools?"

In a word? No.

Christian parents don't need Christian schools to bring their children up in the Lord. Yet, I think two things:

1. Christian schools complement nicely the worldview being taught in the home of solid Christian parents.

2. Most Christian parents don't have the first idea the worldview that is being imposed on their children in the public schools.

It isn't about criticizing the institution of public education - it's about trying to educate parents as to what is really going on. It's not wrong for Christian parents to place their kids in public schools. But you had better bring your parenting A-game to counteract what they are going to be learning.

For example, this week President Obama appointed Kevin Jennings as head of the national Safe and drug-free schools organization.

I cannot link to anything with Mr. Jennings for fear of what you may have to read. I'll let you do it: just google "kevin jennings" with "obama" or with "GLSEN." Sorry.

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