Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where are the bigger Lutheran high schools? - Part II

My latest post listed the top 20 Lutheran high schools (enrollment) in the United States. 

Set aside the debate whether a "successful" Lutheran high school should be measured by size for a second and entertain the question of "What gets you in the top twenty?"  In other words, "What is the formula for having an LHS over 240 students?"

My theory has always been that if an LHS has a student body well under 50% Lutheran, that it must have perfect demographic location (surrounding neighborhoods can afford tuition, lack of direct competition) for it to survive long-term.  A subjective glance of the schools on the list show, I believe, five schools that are well below 50% Lutheran: Las Vegas, Long Island, Tomball, Houston, and Lutheran High School in Parker - all have excellent locations.

The golden ticket of enrollment, of course, is to have both great demographic location AND a large Lutheran pond to fish in.

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