Saturday, November 17, 2012

Apologetics and high school students . . .

I'm back in the classroom this year, teaching theology to juniors - just one section of 24 kids.  

I've observed that kids have changed over the last seven years since I last taught apologetics. All of the evidential facts that I used to put in front of them to give evidence to the reliability of Scripture and the resurrection was exciting!  The notion that they didn't have to throw their brains away to be Christians was life-altering for many of them.

While this was still true for some this year, I discovered that "facts" and evidence seem to be met with more and more apathy. 

So one day I asked, "Would you rather have me make an air-tight case for Jesus, or would you rather 'experience' Him - even if I can't define what that means?" They almost all chose the second. Interesting.

Maybe more on the larger meaning of this later . . .

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