Monday, December 8, 2008

"Rent" comes to a Phildelphia public high school

My drama directors showed me this - Read THIS!

Here's my favorite part:

'Assistant Director Tracey Krause says this is not a big deal at Truman High. "We have a very strong gay, gay and lesbian and straight alliance. We've had same sex couples at the proms for years. So it really isn't an issue, as odd as that sounds," says Krause. '

Email me when the first colorado high school puts on this show.

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  1. Dear Mr. Gehrke,

    I think that this school has ever right to put on this production. All it does is help educate people further on AIDs and the effect of drugs. It gives a more personal example and helped me understand it better. I think that it is awesome that this school was willing to take on such a dramatic and all together amazing play. Yes i understand some people were offended and that the play isn't exactly Chirstian or anything, but i do believe that they must respect the arts and the purpose of the play in general. Thanks for your time and i'm glad you posted this artical.

    Dakotah Watson