Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Exodus Mandate . . .

Interesting video put out by www.exodusmandate.org, a Baptist group that calls for Christian families to leave the public schools. It's a little over the top, but worth watching:


  1. I had seen that video on another website. It is quite dramatic, but I certainly sympathize with the desire to pull our kids out of the public school system. My daughter is 2 and I have a son about to be born in February, so I've thankfully still got a way to go to make that decision.

  2. I have to disagree with both Principal Gehrke and the above post in this, that this video is not overly dramatic. Has anyone taken the time to look at the White House's new website? President Obama was not even sworn in ten minutes when the new website clearly spelled out the President's agenda. Just go to http://www.whitehouse.gov/ and click on the tab: "the Agenda" and then on "Civil Rights" and you will see how radical and aggressively anti-Christian the President is in his agenda. I was a public school teacher for 4 years and forced to go to a "Sex education Class for Teachers" which was nothing more than an indoctrination class that instructed us teachers on how to indoctrinate the public school children of our school, grades 6-8, into a very progressive sexual understanding which included promotion of homosexual and lesbian relationships.

    I suggest that any Christian who can find a way to keep their children from the ever increasingly immoral and atheistic educators that proliferate our public schools will be passing along the greatest gift that they can to both their children and society. Even those public schools that can do a great job academically will fill their heads and leave them with empty hearts. DLHS is a Godsend and I pray that our Lord will use it mightily to nurture our children's hearts and minds.

    Pastor Kurt Schilling, Redeemer Lutheran Church