Sunday, February 1, 2009

"No Name Calling Week"

In case you missed it, last week was "No Name Calling Week" for 5th thru 8th graders in public schools all over the country. Sounds good until you realize the agenda behind the program. If you go to the webpage of teacher materials (CLICK HERE) you'll notice the GLSEN in the upper right hand corner. If you read the materials, you'll see what they really are: tools for indoctrinating middle school students to accept homosexual lifestyles.

I'd call the creators of the curriculum, "sneaky," but I'd hate to violate the spirit of "No Name Calling Week."


  1. Mr. Gehrke, I find your subtle sarcasm and honesty, admirable!

  2. Mr. Gehrke have you ever read Piercing the Darkness? It sounds kind of like this situation except the curriclum is about meditating