Friday, August 28, 2009

What about charter schools? - part II

Great article today in about the fall of the urban Christian schools and its relationship with vouchers and charter schools. Here's my favorite paragraph from the article:

Bob Rogalski, a marketer for Christian schools with the Christian School Development Center, divides Christian school supporters into two groups that sometimes clash. The first—the "Stalwarts"—passionately believe in a Christian education that strengthens morals and theology. They run the church that runs the school and write prompt donation checks to support it. The "Seekers" are the Gen-X parents—spiritual but not religious, looking not for doctrine but accreditation, not for theology but textbooks, an education that will prepare their kids more for the job market than the afterlife. If they're out of money they'll go to a charter school instead, and the "Baptist" in the name just won't impress them.

Sounds like he read my previous post.

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