Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What about the charter schools?

I get asked on occasion this question: Has the rise of charter schools hurt enrollment at Christian schools?

For those families who are seeking a Christian education, charter schools usually aren't an option because they are still under control of a school district and inherently secular. But for families who are seeking a "non-public-school option," charter schools are appealing for two huge reasons:

1. They are run much like private and Christian schools with all the perks that that brings.
2. They are free.

So, I answer the question with . . . .yes.

Relating to #1 above - check out what is happening in Los Angeles HERE. The public school district is converting 250 schools to charter schools so they can be saved and managed better. I can't even think of good analogy to describe how shocking that is . . . .maybe I'll add one later.

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